The Almost-Annual New York State Crappie Derby has lived up to it's name. No, not the next to the last word (because it's never that), but 'Almost-Annual'. The event scheduled for next Saturday (2/18) is off again this year because It's been too warm. BUMMER.

The latest official Ice Thickness readings from Whitney Point Lake show only 7 inches of ice on the West (channel) side of the lake. The 'pond' area had 9 inches. Bringing all areas to a safe level for next weekend was very unlikely.

The decision was made with input from their friends at the National Weather Service and club historical archives on ice growth. Safety is always number one and it's always a fun and eventful day for families. This year, there was the added bonus of NYS DEC Free Fishing Weekend.

That means that people without a fishing experience (without a license), could fish without having to buy a fishing license. My daughter, Tara likes to fish and she was looking forward to ice fishing for the first time.

It would have been the 44th annual event and is frequently called 'a party on the ice' because of the format. In the words of a friend of mine, when they were told the news "Oh Crap."

For more info about the event and any other updates, go here.

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