The Great New York State Fair would be happening right now in Syracuse during normal years but as we know THIS ISN'T A NORMAL YEAR. I look forward to two things at the fair every year: The 25 cent milk and the Butter Sculpture.

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Because of the coronavirus pandemic, I'll have to pour my own cup of milk but I'll still be able to see the Butter Sculpture. WHAT? This year is the 52nd Anniversary of the sculpture and not even COVID-19 can stop it.

It’s all about the details! The 2020 The Great New York State Fair Butter Sculpture has officially unveiled. The...

Posted by American Dairy Association North East on Tuesday, September 1, 2020

The American Dairy Association North East has revealed the 2020 Butter Sculpture...virtually. This year's theme is "Nourishing Our Future" and they are nourishing the future no matter where the students learn this year.

The Great New York Fair may be canceled this year, but the Butter Sculpture tradition remains alive...even if's it virtually for 2020. The Butter Sculpture is crafted from 800 pounds of butter and is one of the biggest attractions at the Great New York State Fair every year.

Have you ever wondered how they make the Butter Sculpture? Now you can see how they do it and I must admit, it's very impressive, check it out here.

You can go here to see the unveiling of this year's Butter Sculpture and the winners of the American Dairy Association North East's #VirtuallyButterTogether Instagram Contest.

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