Have you noticed that there seem to be more new trees popping up around Binghamton? It’s not your imagination!

The City of Binghamton will be planting about 200 new trees through the City by the end of this year thanks to the city’s tree program and a donation from NASCAR.

Mayor Matt Ryan says:“Over the last few weeks, we have planted over 90 trees, and we will be continuing this progress by planting over 100 more over the next three weeks. This investment in our neighborhoods will help increase property values, while also reaffirming our commitment to making our City healthier, cleaner, and greener.”

You might remember that in September, the City of Binghamton announced an initiative to plant over 100 new street trees throughout the City by the end of the year. Well, Mayor Ryan also announced that over 90 trees have been planted in our City parks this month thanks to a donation by NASCAR through their green initiative project. How cool is that?!?