Take a walk anywhere in the community and you will see people, head down eyes locked on to their little triangular screens, texting while walking has become a dangerous problem.

Thousands of people are treated at emergency rooms each year for accidents involving cell phones, according to Dr. Dietrich Jehle a physician at Erie County Medical Center.

Some of the big issues involve texting while walking into traffic, falling down stairs or tripping on the sidewalk.

Dr. Jehle thinks the stats on injuries are even higher than predicted, and he says the main culprits are teens and millennials.

I came out of our office building a few months ago and walked right into a young girl who had her face  buried in her phone, she bounced off me and just kept going never saying a word.

Take a look around you on the street, in the car one lane over, people all around us , eyes locked on their little screens texting and watching videos while putting themselves and others at risk of serious injuries.

Most people can’t go two minutes without checking their phone, my three year old granddaughter is better at swiping through YouTube videos than most middle aged adults and I wonder what the world will be like when she gets older.

How many commercials have you seen or heard about the effects of smoking this week, and how many commercials have you seen or heard about texting and walking?

I think there should be a real effort towards the consequences of this major and sometimes deadly distraction in our daily lives.

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