It happens a few times a week. I'll be driving home down Main Street in Binghamton and someone will dart right out into traffic because their face is down and in their phone and they're not paying attention.

Do you remember the story from a few years ago where a woman walked right into a fountain at a mall in Pennsylvania? Literally. The woman was texting, not paying attention to her surroundings and walked right into the fountain. Here's a little refresher if you forgot.

For people living in New Jersey, having their face in their phone while they're walking could end up costing them. Literally.

If a "distracted walking" bill in the state passes, people in New Jersey could end up with 15 days in jail, have to pay a $50 fine or get nailed with both if caught walking with their eyes down on the phone.

According to the New York Daily News, State assemblywoman Pamela Lampitt introduced the bill and said,

Distracted pedestrians, like distracted drivers, present a potential danger to themselves and drivers on the road. An individual crossing the road distracted by their smartphone presents just as much danger to motorists as someone jaywalking and should be held, at minimum, to the same penalty."

A similar bill was brought to the table, but didn't pass here in New York. It'll be interesting if the bill is revisited here in New York if it passes in New Jersey.

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