All of my kids can drive now and fortunately none of them have had a serious accident in their vehicle and I'm so thankful. When they began driving, I could feel the anxiety build up as I watched them back out of the driveway and head down the road.

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I would say a prayer of protection for them as they would begin their trip away from my house. Even now when I see one of them leaving, I still feel a little stress and I doubt that will ever go away.

Teen Driver Safety Week

This week is "Teen Driver Safety Week" and as a parent, I know that I'm one of the biggest influences on them as they learned to drive. I know that I'm a late braking kind of person and I knew that I had to change that for the car brakes and my children.

When they are driving they may be behind the wheel but we are still in control. We have to remember that whether we're driving or riding, the way we act will set the example for them.

Yes, our teens are watching and learning from us, even if we don't realize it. What we do behind the wheel and in life will make them a safer driver and a better person.

Broome County Office of Emergency Services reminds all of us to make smart and safe choices when driving. Don't text and drive, don't speed, wear a seat belt and for heaven's sake, don't drive impaired or distracted.

Don't let your biggest regret be something that your kids did because they got it from you. Some mistakes can't be easily fixed and you might not be able to forgive yourself if you lead them astray and something bad happened. Don't find that out the hard way.

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