Chances are you have slept with a teddy bear or a “blankie” at some point in your life. Maybe you even still have these items in your bed. Don’t worry we aren’t judging.

These fluffy and soft items gave you comfort and security. The normalcy and familiarity of these items might have even helped you sleep.

Now, my cell phone helps me sleep.

I know it’s such a millennial thing to say, but according to Survey Monkey, I am not alone. A whopping 90% of millennials sleep with their phone within reaching distance.

But before you go cursing out those dang millennials once again, 70% of respondents said they sleep with their cell phones within reaching distance as well.

Its hard to argue against not having your phone within and arm’s reach when you finally settle down to sleep.

My phone is my alarm clock, my watch, my lifeline, and my connection to the outside world. We have been sleeping next to phones since they were invented. I remember hearing the phone ring while everyone was sleeping, and the entire house having a meltdown over a telemarketer disturbing our slumber.

I do not think it is weird to have your cell phone near you as you sleep. But be warned, looking at your phone in the middle of the night can mess up your eyes and cause an early morning.

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