We've been telling you about it for the last few weeks and it'll be here on Saturday, December 18th. It's Binghamton hockey's annual Teddy Bear Toss and this year ALL of the Teddy Bears and stuffed animals will be going to the Broome County Child Advocacy Center's Crime Victims Assistance Center.

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On Saturday, the Binghamton Black Bears welcome the Watertown Wolves to the Visions Veterans Memorial Arena. The puck will drop at 7 p.m. so don't be late because when the Black Bears score, that's when you'll toss your teddy's on the ice. If you're not sure what to do, then check this video out...it's some of my best work.

Teddy Bear Toss Instructions With The Binghamton Black Bears

I highly suggest that you make sure the goal counts before tossing your stuffed animal. A few years ago, when Binghamton scored, the bears began raining down on the ice, and then the referee called off the goal.

Around half of the stuffed animals were already on the ice so when they scored (for real) later in the period, it was more like a light shower onto the ice.

Broome County Child Advocacy Center's Crime Victims Assistance Center

So why is the team donating all the teddy bears to the Broome County Child Advocacy Center's Crime Victims Assistance Center? Every child that comes through their center gets a "comfort animal" to take home.

Their hope is that it gives a small amount of comfort to the child, as coming to the center can be very difficult for them. All the children the come to them are possible victims of either sexual abuse, severe physical abuse, or a witness to violence.

They come to them to begin their healing process by telling their story. I applaud all of the workers at the center because they see the worst of the worst and do they help these children at a time that they need it the most.

Here is your way to help these kids while enjoying Black Bears hockey. So while you're out Christmas shopping in the next couple of days, take some time to get some teddy bears and stuffed animals to toss onto the ice.

By the way, you are allowed/encouraged to throw more than one stuffed animal when the Black Bears score. LET'S GO BLACK BEARS as we help the children in our area that need it the most.

The Broome-Binghamton Dusters

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