Pennsylvania takes their state assessment test the PSSA's pretty seriously. So seriously, that a teacher was perplexed when he was punished for providing pancakes to his pupils.

The original news story reported that middle school teacher Kyle Byler had brought an electric griddle to school in order to provide his students nourishment as they tested. If its any consolation, the pancakes were whole-grain making them pretty healthy.

A few hours after the discovery of his breakfast making endeavor, Kyle was informed the school board would be voting on his termination.

Byler said he had no idea why he was being terminated and couldn't figure out why his termination was being considered.

The Pennsylvania Department of Education claimed the pancake making took away from Byler's duties as a monitor, and that his full attention should have been on proctoring the exam.

The rumors of his termination sparked outrage and even a protest from his students.

The school district located in Lancaster, PA issued a statement claiming that Byler's termination is not eminent and is not on their agenda.

Byler was in fact, according to Lancaster Online, was suspended without pay until this issue could be resolved.

According to interviews from WQAD, many of Byler's students come from areas of poverty, and the pancakes could have realistically been the only hot meal they received all day.

What do you think? Should Byler have been suspended, or was he simply just trying to alleviate the stress of his students?

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