Beginning on Friday, November 13th, Governor Cuomo has announced that the size of gatherings in your home is going down from 50 to 10. That means that your Thanksgiving get together at your house might be reduced.

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That's not the only thing that may be smaller for Thanksgiving. Turkeys could be smaller this year, because of the coronavirus pandemic. Grocery stores know that people will be having fewer people over so there will be a demand for smaller birds.

Orders from local suppliers are asking for more turkeys under 16 pounds and asking for less heavy birds.

The pandemic and the new rules by Governor Cuomo means that fewer people will be getting together for the holiday. You know what that means right? That means that more people will be cooking their own turkey for Thanksgiving for the first time.

With more people cooking, that means more screw-ups and more calls to the Butterball Turkey Hotline. The Turkey Talk Line has been saving Thanksgiving for the past 35 years and it may be in more demand this holiday.

As many as 25% of us will be trying to cook our own turkey for the first time. If you're going to give it the old college try, you might want to put the Butterball Talk Line number into your contacts. Their number is 1-800-BUTTERBALL (1-800-288-8372), or you can text them at 844-877-3456.

It's turkey talk that'll save your Thanksgiving. My suggestion is to buy a pre-made turkey, they are professionals so they know what they are doing and you're helping the local economy. WIN-WIN.

If all else fails, then do what they did in " A Christmas Story" and order Chinese.

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