Thanksgiving 2020 is going to look A LOT DIFFERENT THIS YEAR! In New York, we aren't allowed to have more than 10 people at the house for the holidays. Flying will be down and even if we did, our relatives would have to come from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or Connecticut.

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So what does that mean? It means smaller get-togethers, more first-time hosts, and even more first-time turkey cooks. As many as 25% more people could be cooking the turkey for the first time.

More people cooking means more potential screw-ups. More screw-ups will mean more calls to the Butterball Turkey Hotline. So if you're worried about calling them because you're embarrassed about what you did, don't worry because I'm willing to bet that they've heard it all.

Don't believe me? Here are two real calls that were made to the Butterball Hotline:

A man called and the Turkey Talk-Line director could hear splashing in the background. It turned out that he had his kids and the turkey in the tub at the same time. The man wanted to know if bathwater was an acceptable way to thaw the turkey? 

I don't know what the answer was but I do know this. It'll get you out of many things like bathing the kids, cooking a turkey, and the marriage.

One person asked: How long will it take to roast the turkey? When they were asked how big is the turkey, the response was "I don't know, it's still running around the back yard." They forgot to also say "and I can't make it stand still long enough on the scale."

Side note: Turkeys may be smaller this year because of the gathering restrictions. Local suppliers are asking for more turkeys under 16 pounds. So if you are in need of a bigger turkey, you may want to get it now.

So your not alone this holiday season in your turkey catastrophe. Remember your not inviting them over and you may never talk to them again anyway. The talk-line operator, not your relatives.

By the way, the turkey talk line is available now by calling 1-800-BUTTERBALL (1-800-288-8372), or you can text them at 844-877-3456.

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