School Supplies Look Different This Year [PICS]
This school year is different for everyone. Some kids will be in school, some will be learning from home and others will be doing a mix of both. No matter what you have your child doing this school year, your school supplies are going to be a bit different. Here's a look at what Ryan will need …
How did your parents did to save a few bucks?
I can remember my parents saving cash any way they could. I remember them putting our garbage in shopping bags and throwing them out at several gas stations making it look like we "just cleaned out the car" or my grandmother asking for her "Senior Citizens Discount&quo…
Dad Genes
Chances are really good that you've heard the cliché, "You are what you eat" a time or two in your life, right? Well, according to scientists, you also are what your dad ate – before you were conceived.
Man Gets Surprise Birthday Gift from Dad Who Died in 1999
Before my son was born, I started writing letters to him to give to him when he turns various milestone ages. And I also wrote to him because I wanted him to be able to hold my words in his hands should anything ever happen to me, so hearing about this hit really close to home.