This school year is different for everyone. Some kids will be in school, some will be learning from home and others will be doing a mix of both. No matter what you have your child doing this school year, your school supplies are going to be a bit different. Here's a look at what Ryan will need for this school year. We all agree that 2020 has been a crazy and weird year. We finished the last four months of the school year with our kids learning from home. It was a difficult transition for teachers, families, and students. Now we are starting a new school year with a lot of unknowns but a more structured outline.

In our household, we are going to be doing a hybrid learning style with Ryan. He will go to school for the first couple of weeks and then he will be home learning virtually. He has a chrome book that he will be using along with a printer and a copier so he can print out his work and send it in.

Since he is heading into the classroom he needs the typical supplies. We got him colored pencils, crayons, erasers, markers, and glue sticks. He also needed a few boxes of Ticonderoga Number 2 pencils, a protractor and a ruler, binders, folders, and notebooks.

Because of the pandemic, we are now required to send him in with hand sanitizer, masks, and tissues. There are other cleaning supplies (not pictured here) that we will also send into school with Ryan.

The final part of the 2020 school supply list is optional but may be a must on some parents' lists. We have a few bottled wine options at the end of the school day when Ryan goes to bed. This will help those who are staying home with their kids during a school day and a workday for them. Happy back to school everyone!

2020 School Supplies

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