Starbucks Joins Meatless Monday Campaign, But There’s a Catch
Starbucks is joining the Meatless Monday campaign by offering two dollars off meatless menu items, but there's a catch: The discount only applies to vegetarian items and cannot be altered to be vegan. For every Monday during the weeks of January 4th to January 25th, Starbucks will offer $2 off vegetarian items including the Impossible Breakfast Sandwich, Southwest Veggie Wrap, and Spinach Feta and
Study: Drink 2/3 of Your Weight in Water a Day to Lose Weight
We all know we should be drinking more water, but it's harder than it sounds. You wake up, drink coffee, get busy at the computer, and before you know it, it's nearly noon and you're hungry and you haven't had a single glass of water. Now, nutritionists believe that drinking more water can help you have a healthier digestive system, increase energy, stay alert while working at your desk, quell hun

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