There's a restaurant on the Vestal Parkway that sells sushi and after my family visited a few weekends ago, there's no doubt that we'll be back because the sushi we bought was phenomenal.

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After driving by the unassuming and sort of tucked away building hundreds of times over the last few years and each time hearing my husband talk about how much his co-workers rave about the place, I decided to swing in and check it out for myself.

I guess you could say I'm an imposter sushi lover because I love sushi, but only the vegetarian kind - no seafood in any form for me. My favorite type of sushi is the avocado cucumber roll and so that's what I ordered and then I bought an extra for my seven-year-old (and somewhat adventurous eater) to try.  One bite and we were both instantly hooked.

I've never tried a sweet potato sushi roll but if the people at The Lupe are right with their research, maybe I need to. The Lupe used sources like Ranker and Mashed to put together a list of the 27 top loved sushi rolls in America. Then, they used Google Trends to cross-analyze the search interest of each of the 27 rolls across the United States, looking at data from the last five years to determine which sushi roll ranks highest in each state.

According to the data collected by The Lupe, New Yorkers are in love with sweet potato sushi rolls. A sweet potato sushi roll is made of chewy brown rice, crispy oven-baked sweet potato, and rolled in a  nori seaweed wrap. I've not tried it, but apparently, Sriracha mayo dressing makes the perfect drizzle for the sweet potato sushi roll.

Wondering what other types of sushi rolls rank high with Americans? According to The Lupe, the California roll is the favorite in 21 states followed by the veggie roll in six states, and then both the rainbow roll and sweet potato roll took third place as the favorite in three states each.

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