That next car you drive off a Binghamton car lot may be made from the most unexpected materials.

In an effort to reduce waste and populate landfills with unnecessary recyclables that don't have to be there, one car company is giving new life to water bottles.  It's actually a very inspiring and encouraging "green" story out of Detroit, just in time for Earth Day this Friday, April 22nd.

General Motors is making a big effort to recycle materials for use in vehicles and producing coats to help the homeless.  The company has been committed to collecting water bottles from a number of their Michigan facilities and turning the plastics in to noise-reducing fabric insulation that covers the Chevrolet Equinox engine, air filtration components and insulation in coats for the homeless.

The donation of 24,000 yards of insulation alone will make 6,500 coats. Can you imagine putting all this plastic to a better use?  What else can be done with our recyclables?  I think that's amazing and it's my hope other companies do the same to reduce our carbon footprint.

[Via: Strauss Media]