I have an issue with getting rid of stuff. No, I'm not at that point of being a hoarder. Things I don't need or use anymore, most likely get placed in a box and either thrown in the back of my shed or in the cellar, never to be seen again.

The funny thing about all that is, from time to time when I'm looking for something in those places of my home, I will run across an item that I discarded long ago, or maybe pictures I haven't seen in decades. They bring back fond memories, especially if I run across some old pictures.

Even more interesting is when you uncover something old in your home or property that has been hidden for decades. I live in an old house and when we dug a hole in the backyard while building a small goldfish pond, we unearthed a few old medicine bottles (article picture.) My wife and I cleaned them up and placed them on a shelf in the kitchen.

Recently, a family in Crystal Lake, Illinois were doing some remodeling on their home, and according to NBC New York 4, they found something unexpected inside one of their walls. According to the report, the items were a couple of Mcdonald's hamburger wrappers and a bag of french fries, with the fries still in the bag, and well preserved according to the homeowners. Apparently, these items had been buried in the wall for over 60 years.

It's amazing what people find buried in their homes when performing upgrades or demolition. Have you ever uncovered something in your home or property that is several decades old? I'd love to know what it is you found, and what condition was it in?

via NBC New York 4

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