A rare event is happening today (6/20). The summer solstice and full strawberry moon are happening on the same day. This could truly be a once in a lifetime event.

The last time this happened was in 1948 or 1967, depending on who you believe, the Old Farmer's Almanac or EarthSky. Either way, it's been decades and it may not happen again in your lifetime.

If you look in the sky tonight, you can't miss the full moon. In June, it's called strawberry moon, even thought it won't be red or pink. It looks like a normal moon.

According to Kansascity.com, The name "Strawberry Moon" comes from the Algonquin tribes who took the full moon in June as a sign to start picking the ripening strawberries.  The moon could take on an amber color because of the humidity this time of year.

The first day of summer or summer solstice begins at 6:43pm. The sunset is at 8:43pm in the Binghamton area.

According to AccuWeather, the strawberry moon won't happen again until June 21st, 2062.

[via Kansascity.com/AccuWeather]