Here we are a few days into the new year, and according to the “experts” a lot of us are already struggling with out New Year’s Resolution. Well I say we should ignore the experts!


If you are like me, 2018 might mean trying to eat a little healthier. I started my pre-resolution back in October and so far have shed around 32 pounds, still far from my goals. has provided some easy tips for us to stick to our new lifestyle change,


If you are attending the gym in the morning, lay out your clothes the night before. Exactly how we used to have our parents lay out clothes the night before school. Treat your gym clothes as a uniform and go to work. Laying out your clothes makes the process that much easier.


The best advise provides is partnering up with someone at the gym. Whether it be your significant other or best friends, both of your can hold one another responsible. It also can be fun to challenge one another to new exercises or goals.


Whatever your New Year’s Resolution is, try and stick to it. Make this year your year! (How cliché)


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