Take a look inside Hopewell Hall, a $4 million mansion, once owned by the Boldt family, on the St Lawrence River in upstate New York.

The mansion, built in 1890, is 9444 square feet and has 11 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms and 2 guest homes. It sits on 85 acres on Landon Road in Wellesley Island.

George Charles Boldt, who famously built Boldt Castle across the water on Heart Island, bought the mansion in 1912 and gave it to his daughter Louise Clover Boldt, according to House Histree. She spent her summer's there until her death, when it was inherited by her daughter.

The mansion is on the market for a mere $3,995,000. So if you've hit the lottery and you're in the market for a mansion, this one may be perfect.

Go Inside $4 Million Mansion on St Lawrence River

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