St. Patrick's Day is on Wednesday, March 17th. What are you going to do to celebrate? However you decide to enjoy this day, don't drink and drive. Just a reminder that the annual St. Patrick's Day drunk driving underway now.

You may not be paying attention but they'll be looking out for you. The crackdown will continue until March 21st. If you decide to stay home, here are some drinks that will bring out the green in all of you.

Nearly Famous Irishmen 

After you've had a few, then you'll be ready for this "fun" St. Patrick's Day game called "Nearly Famous Irishmen. "Hint: All the answers begin with the letter "O."  Good luck and Erin go Bragh, Ireland Forever.

Answers at the bottom:

5) He invented the chocolate sandwich cookie.

4) He immortalized a Christmas song about a tree that many think to be German.

3) First Irish Irish doctor to specialize in women's problems and deliver babies.

2) He's an Irishman who always speaks his mind.

1) He created a heavy winter garment you wear to cover all your other garments.

Answers: 5) O'Reo 5) O'Tannenbaum 3) O'Beegeewyin 2) O'Pinion 1) O'Vercoat

If you weren't drinking beer before, you'll want to now, go here to find your favorite green St. Patrick's Day drinks. Enjoy this holiday even if it does come in the middle of the week and remember; If your lucky enough to be Irish then you are lucky enough.

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