Today is "Blue Monday" because it's the most DEPRESSING day of the year. Happiness from Christmas is gone so only the debt is left and let's not forget about the New Year's resolution that you couldn't even keep for two weeks.

I refuse to let this get me down so I'm going to celebrate Squirrel Appreciation Day. It's much like Groundhog Day because it's an under appreciated day so I'm doing my part to honor and appreciate the squirrel.

Here's some fun facts....okay, mildly amusing.....okay something to pass the time facts about the squirrel.

They can ALL water ski . . . most of them just aren't showoffs like your crazy Uncle.

They bury their that same Uncle can make lame jokes at the Super Bowl party.

They're tiny, covered in hair, and known to be aggressive. I'm glad none of my relatives are like that. That's right, they aren't aggressive.

Because squirrels defend themselves by scratching and biting, they're known as the "Real Housewives" of the animal kingdom.

Chipmunks are like most squirrels except they have stripes and make terrible kids movies.

Thanks to my daughter Tara for my squirrel pen that she got me for Christmas. She says that I have the attention span of a.....I'm sorry what.

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