So many new and exciting things are happening in Binghamton as existing businesses continue to grow and new businesses are formed. One of the newest businesses to call Binghamton home is Enduraphin, a company that is revolutionizing on-the-go sports nutrition.

Enduraphin was formed by Danny Drake and Mike Dalberth, graduates of Cicero-North Syracuse High School. While in college, Drake and Dalberth realized that there was a gaping hole in the sports nutrition market because it was nearly impossible for either to find a product that they felt achieved both quality and convenience. Drake and Dalberth decided to do something about it and so, Enduraphin was born.

Enduraphin, now calls the Koffman Southern Tier Incubator on Hawley Street in Binghamton home and Drake and Dalberth are excited to begin production of their patent-pending product. According to Dalberth, once the product is produced, it will be “distributed to athletic facilities across New York and the Northeast.

Drake and Dalberth were able to combine natural flavors and an organic stevia blend to craft a 100 percent whey protein product that tastes like chocolate and vanilla ice creams. Not only does their product taste delicious, but it also features an enzyme blend that supports effective digestion, is all natural, non-GMO, and gluten-free.

In today’s highly competitive athletic landscape, it’s important to properly feed your body after putting it to work. Protein, specifically Whey Protein, has been studied and proven to support athletic recovery when consumed shortly after a workout,” said Drake.

Welcome to the Southern Tier, Enduraphin, we’re happy to have you and excited to watch your business grow!

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