The bitter cold months are here and even though the little rodent has a few weeks before we get his prediction, we won’t be swimming and biking anytime soon.

We haven't had a big winter storm in our area this season, but the law of averages says it's bound to happen, either way winters sting calls to us to indulge ourselves as kind of a reward for its cruelty.

I think we have all enjoyed the hopeless feeling of being shut in during a massive snow storm, and actually enjoyed it.

How many really good reasons to we have for flopping on the couch, watching a movie and indulging in some of our favorite winter storm activities.

Some of Americans Top Winter Storm Activities include, sleeping in, baking, sitting by the fire, taking a dip in the hot tub and ordering take out.

Since my wife and I have become grandparents we have a new activity, taking our granddaughter Alice outside to play in the snow.

We have a small hill on the side of our house that she loves to slide down in her little sled, and our course building a snowman.

I usually try to keep the driveway from accumulating too much snow, but sometimes even that can wait.

Most of us do not feel guilty about our winter storm rituals, so get ready I'm sure your next chance to indulge will be here soon.

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