Many people are spending more time at home during the coronavirus pandemic, and many are finding more time on their hands.

I imagine this  change in lifestyle may have had some level of excitement since we all crave to have more time to spend at home, but that excitement probably quickly ended by the time stay at home orders went into week two.

So if you find yourself just on the edge of cabin fever, maybe it's time to find something to that takes up some boring time and take a look at all that 'stuff' lying around the house. You know, stuff that is in the way, or you don't use anymore.

I'd suggest organize it, store it somewhere else out of sight like the basement or a shed. Or, you may find that the 'stuff' has some monetary value, and might bring in a few bucks, and decided to sell it.

Not sure if now is the time to be holding a 'garage sale' type event, but maybe you could plan for the near future when more restrictions are lifted. I know I have some stuff that I need to let go of. I have items that I've not used or even looked at for years or even decades, that are still in fine shape and might be useful for someone else.

I also need to tackle one room in my house where 'stuff' gets thrown aside, but not out. I can't even walk into that room right now. It certainly needs cleaning out. Most of the stuff in there consists of empty boxes and a few old humidifiers what don't work anymore. And what is it about that? Seems I'm replacing humidifiers more often that I should. Probably something I'm doing wrong, as usual.

Oh, and speaking of garage sales, our Binghamton's Largest Garage and Craft Sale is currently set for the Oakdale Mall on Saturday September 26th from 10am to 3pm. Maybe that would a great time to sell your 'Stuff!'

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