It is no mystery that I love my dog Meadow, she’s the best. She doesn’t care if I didn’t shower today or if I forgot to give her a treat in the morning. She has unconditional love.

Pets provide more than just constant love and affection, they provide a whole bunch of health benefits. Studies have shown that furry friends can help us prevent depression and delay anxiety. Pets even make us more social.

Dog parks and bars that encourage our fluffy companions to attend have been popping up all over the place. Walking dogs (and cats) can motivate us to exercise as well. This regular exercise also leads to us looking better.

Pets provide motivation for their humans not only to exercise regularly but also eat healthy and get a good night’s sleep. Sleep and eating healthy are two of the biggest factors in improving one’s physical appearance. Eating healthy can provide us with better skin and getting an adequate amount of sleep will eliminate those bags under our eyes.

Basically, having a pet makes you better looking.

I guess it’s time to buy upwards of 10 dogs and I’ll be looking like George Clooney in no time.

Jay Franiak
Jay Franiak


(Pictured above is my friend Sara's awesome dog Boomer, just because).


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