I don't think it's that people are terrified of flying as much as it is they're feeling extra cautious since we're dealing with a virus that has impacted countries around the globe and nobody can tell us exactly how it's contracted.

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My biggest fear is that one of my family members would become gravely ill and I would need to fly to take care of them in the midst of the uncertainty swirling around us. I mean, I think it's safe to say that the last thing most people want right now is to be trapped in a small space for a great amount of time, sharing physical and breathing space with others.

But then again, there's Mika Manninen. Manninen is the CEO of a yogurt company called Hälsa Foods. And he's a germaphobe. Manninen has flown thirty-three times and has 160 overnight hotel stays since the pandemic began. If anyone is an expert on how to protect ourselves while in the sky with others, it would be Manninen.

While it's important to note that Manninen is not a health expert or a doctor, he does have some great advice.

Six Steps to Stay Safe While Flying During a Pandemic


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