So how was your Father's Day? Mine went very well, my daughter, Tara gave me a box of Whoppers, Swiss Rolls, and Oreo cookies. It's the trifecta of tastiness. I'm sensing a pattern because last year, she gave me an Oreo coffee cup because she knows how much I love Oreo's and dunking them in milk.

She's also thrifty because she won the Oreo coffee cup playing dime pitch at the Warren Center Field Days.

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I don't want to forget my other daughter, Riley. She gave me a Mirabito gift card so that I can in her words "get your favorite brownies and iced coffees. I'm I that transparent about what I like to eat...Why Yes, Yes I am."

I had a really good Father's Day, but what about you? Here are the signs.

Signs You May Had A Bad Father's Day

You went to lunch with your kids...and they let you pay the bill. That's what my brother-in-law Johhny V did with his children. At least his kids gave him a coupon for Father's Day that he could use.

They gave you a well-thought-out card...They remembered to cross out "Mother" and put "Father" in its place.

They listened to your stories...they even stopped texting and looked up a few times.

Your kids passed a hat to get money to buy you a Father's Day gift...You got the hat.

In all seriousness, happy belated Father's and Father-like figures Day. You are making a difference in your kid's lives, even if it doesn't always feel like it all the time.

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