We've all seen people freak out on some poor kid who's trying to enforce the mask requirement while working at a local grocery store. Should there be laws on the books to protect grocery store clerks from customer outrage?

We've been dealing with a global pandemic for almost six months and there are still people who refuse to wear a mask in public. It seems strange but some people are still putting up a fight about the mask requirements from the state. I recently witnessed a situation at a local store myself. Why do you feel the need to verbally attack a 17 year old kid just trying to do his part time job?

According to USA Today, Illinois has made it a criminal act for anyone to verbally or physically assault a store employee who is enforcing the mandatory face mask rule. Offenders could be charged with an aggravated battery and face a huge fine.

Should a law like this come to the sate of New York? Have you seen customers attack employees over the mask requirement?