I have a question- who in the world talked me into doing this? I really need to pay better attention when someone is talking to me, especially Traci because when she talks and I don't listen, she gets me back by making me do really crazy things.

If you know me, you know I like to do crazy things. But the ideas Traci comes up with take even me out of my comfort zone. I'm guessing when Traci was telling me about her idea for 'Shot Glasses Full of Stuff' that I wasn't really listening.

So I nodded and said "uh huh," because the next thing I knew, I was drinking the foulest tasting thing I've ever had in my life. I've eaten bugs, so this will tell you just how awful the drink was.

The first week of 'Shot Glasses Full of Stuff' had me and Traci putting our fate into the hands of our spouses- who, to be fair, had no idea that we were calling them.

If you didn't catch the concept- Shot Glasses Full of Stuff is a contest where you're assigned a team (either team Glenn or team Traci) and you have to answer trivia questions.

Each time you get the answer to a question wrong, the person who's team you're on has to chug a shot of nastiness. Or goodness. We don't know what's in the shot glass until after the game is over and we open the sealed envelope.

Want in on the fun? Sign up to play Shot Glasses Full of Stuff and then keep an ear out for us to call you!

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