Are you a trivia buff? Do you impress friends and family with your endless amounts of useless knowledge? Could you confidently save Glenn or Traci from the terrible fate of drinking a shot glass full of...stuff? Sign up now to play Shot Glasses Full of Stuff with Glenn and Traci!

You'll go head-to-head against another Hawk listener in a battle of wits where the fate of Glenn or Traci rests in your hands. Answer your question correctly, and the opposing Hawk DJ has to down a shot, but answer your question incorrectly and it's your Hawk DJ who will have to suffer the consequences.

What's in the shot glasses? No one knows. The drinks are pre-mixed and left in the Hawk refrigerator for Glenn and Traci with a sealed envelope disclosing what's inside. Is it SPAM and garlic? Perhaps a fruity blend of berries and bananas! They won't know until the game is over.

Sign up to play using the form below. Please make sure you enter a valid phone number as Glenn and Traci will call you on that number if you are selected to play. Contestants must be available to play on any given weekday morning between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. You will answer three randomly selected trivia questions.

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