While music is the biggest part of my life, I do occasionally relax in my swivel chair, unwind my brain (what little I have left), and stare at my flat-screen television screen. looking for something interesting to watch.

I have to admit that since streaming services became a thing, I have found myself hooked on several series from various outlets. It started with 'The Office' and I was hooked from there.

This binge-watching thing is real and it's hooked me in. I watched the nine-season sitcom in just over two months' time. I did not see 'The Office' when it was on network television, so it was all new to me.

A few weeks ago, I noticed a new streaming service series called 'Squid Game.' For about a week or so, I thought it looked intriguing, but wasn't interested enough to check the show out. It wasn't until I had just finished another streaming series, looking for a new one, that I decided to check the 'Squid Game' series out.

Wow, I got hooked and watched the first season (not sure if there will be a second) in about a week. I could have watched all the episodes much quick, but I like the series so much, I didn't want to zip through it too fast. If you've seen it, you know what I mean.

I was discussing the show with a co-worker recently, and we talked about what a Binghamton area game challenge might consist of similar to the Squid Game series. Our version would not involve injury or death (we're not that morbid) but would instead involve places or things you find in the Binghamton area. Here are the five games we came up with (and yes, we know the streaming tv series consists of six games.)

What A Southern Tier 'Squid Game' Would Look Like


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