A 30-year-old woman in got into a fight with her husband over money, and ended up eating $7,000 in cash to hide it from him.

It's not clear why she thought ingesting the money was her only option, but it was described as a, quote, "act of desperation." The bills were rolled up, and that's how she choked them down. They weren't wrapped in anything though. Apparently she was saving it for a big vacation, and got the money by selling a bunch of their electronics. Which might be why the husband wasn't happy about it.

Surgeons removed fifty-seven $100 bills from her stomach and intestines. So that's $5,700 they got back. And the good news is it looks like it's all still usable.

Her doctors couldn't get the rest of it, so she had to pass it. It's not clear if that cash is still usable.

(Via: Mirror)

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