In 1946, the world was introduced to a movie that would not only become a Christmas classic, but one that would be named one of the greatest movies of all time by the American Film Institute. That movie was ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ and 2021 marks the 75th anniversary of the film’s release.

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‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ told the story of George Bailey (played by actor James Stewart) who found himself contemplating suicide on Christmas Eve due to his company losing a substantial amount of money. But before he could carry out the act an angel named Clarence appeared and showed George what life would be like if he weren’t alive.

While many of the original cast and crew are no longer alive, some still are and those cast members will be taking part in a special 75th anniversary celebration for the movie in a Central New York town which many believe was the inspiration for the design of Bedford Falls, the fictional town featured in ‘It’s A Wonderful Life.

Karolyn Grimes is the actress who played Zuzu, one of the children of George and Mary Bailey in the movie and she strongly believes that Seneca Falls, located near Cayuga Lake in the Finger Lakes region, was Frank Capra’s inspiration for the design of Bedford Falls in It’s A Wonderful Life. Grimes isn't the only one though, town officials and locals also believe it to be true.

In Seneca Falls, there is a bridge and museum dedicated to the film as well as a ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ festival which happens each December but the festival this year will be extra special as it will celebrate the 75th anniversary of the film’s release and will also play host to some very special guests.

The actors and actresses who played the characters Zuzu Bailey, Janie Bailey, Tommy Bailey, Young Violet Bick, Young George’s Friend, and Little Pete Bailey will participate in events and autograph signings during the five day festival which will run December 8-12.

You can learn more about the special 75th 'It's A Wonderful Life' Festival in Seneca Falls here.

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