I'm still getting used to this whole "no sports" thing. Don't get me wrong, there's been little glimpses here and there (NFL free agency, the Tom Brady saga, The Last Chance docu-series), but nothing that has truly felt like sports are happening.

That's changing this Thursday with the 2020 NFL Draft. Sadly, we won't be getting the Las Vegas-fueled extravaganza with picks being transported by boat to the stage like some kind of sports turbo-charged James Bond flick.

The Athletic's Dane Brugler went through the laborious, yet admirable task of putting together a mock draft of all seven rounds. Seven rounds, as in all 255 picks. A monumental effort that likely also inadvertently resulted in the invention of the "coffee IV".

The Athletic has most of it's article behind a paywall (Rightfully so. Journalism requires heaps of hard work and the journalists should be paid accordingly). However we'll give you a quick glimpse of what Brugler sees in store for the New York-based team this Thursday.

Click here to take a look at what rounds 2-7 could have in store for the Bills, Giants, Jets, and all the other NFL teams.

Giants (No. 4 overall) -- Tristan Wirfs, OT, Iowa

If we're judging draft picks on sexiness, this one is a semi-loaded diaper.

I'm not talking about aesthetics here. A lot of mock drafts I've seen have the Giants grabbing Clemson linebacker Isaiah Simmons, who is a firecracker of a playmaker and had the best combine performance of all the top prospects.

However, Brugler's pick for the Giants has loads of merit, despite the diaper reference I made two paragraphs above.

We've seen time and time again a team draft a stud quarterback who flames out because they have no protection in front of them, and thus no time to make good things happen (see Derek Carr, and to an extent, Andrew Luck, although he did make the best of a bad situation).

The Giants obviously have faith in Daniel Jones. Get that man a bodyguard who can boost an offensive line that was 25th in the league in adjusted sack rate.

Jets (No. 7 overall) -- Jedrick Wills, OT, Alabama

For the sake of making this article less repetitive, I would like this pick to be a different player, but this one makes even more sense than the Giants' selection for pretty similar reasons, even down to both taking an offensive tackle whose name has five letters, begins with W, and ends in S.

At least for the Giants you could say they should take Simmons because defense if the bigger need, but for the Jets, offensive line help is hands-down the problem area.

The only team that gave up a higher adjusted sack rate than the Jets was the Dolphins. How the league's sack leader isn't from the Patriots or Bills each year, I'll never know.

Sam Darnold did pretty well last year given the circumstances, but he needs more protection. I'm sure Le'Veon Bell would also welcome this pick with open arms after his down year.

Bills (No. 54 overall) -- Jeff Gladney, CB, TCU

The Bills don't have a first round pick as of right now, but that is because they used that pick as makeweight to get Stefon Diggs from Minnesota. Not bad and much needed.

That frees up Buffalo quite a bit in the draft. Wide receiver was easily their biggest need, and with a well-rounded roster, the Bills would be free to go for the best player available.

Jeff Gladney is a fine pick here. Gladney is a guy who could go earlier and would add to an already formidable Bills secondary. Buffalo obviously is a contender in the AFC, but if they want to reach the Super Bowl, they will likely have to go through Pat Mahomes and Kansas City at some point. You'll need all the fortification on the back-end you can muster.

However an alternative to this pick would be more firepower. Florida State running back Cam Akers could still be available here. He bossed out at the combine, and pairing him with Devin Singletary would give the Bills a potent one-two punch.

Notre Dame's Chase Claypool would also be an interesting option. He's a guy who is a wide receiver, but can also play tight end, which could make him sort of a "poor man's Rob Gronkowski".

The 2020 NFL Draft begins on Thursday, April 23, and can be watched on ABC, ESPN, and NFL Network.

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