It’s no wonder that my brother Jeff grew up to have a stomach made of steel. When I was six and Jeff was two, he was my best ever bud and we used to play kitchen. The rules were simple, Jeff would take on the name “Harold Honey” and would dutifully sit at the kitchen table and watch as I would mix together the most awful drink concoctions and then serve them to him.

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Jeff never complained. He was happy to drink whatever I set before him. Sometimes it was milk, mustard, and ranch dressing mixed together. Other times it was apple juice, ketchup, and prune juice. I don’t remember Jeff ever drinking a whole lot of his mixed drinks, but he’d always at least take a taste, nod his head, and tell me it was delicious.

Flash forward 32 years and there’s no way that Jeff would even let me come near him with one of our childhood drink concoctions. Jeff is a bodybuilder and all about food and drink combinations, but these ones are healthy. Jeff often deprives himself of sweets because of his healthy lifestyle and so he was the first person I thought of when I read an article from Fox News about how researchers think that they may have found a way to make milk chocolate healthier.

That's right. According to Fox News, researchers from the American Chemical Society think that they’ve found the perfect solution to making milk chocolate more healthy as well as a way to load it up with more antioxidants than dark chocolate. Usually, when we hear about researchers doing something like this, it means that the flavor and or the texture are changed, making the food item less than desirable.

Well, get this- the researchers think they can make the change without changing the flavor of milk chocolate, Say what?!? That’s right. Researchers say that when they blended in things like peanut skins and coffee grinds and then gave taste testers a bite, the taste testers liked the taste of the blended milk chocolate even better than the milk chocolate that didn’t have a bunch of stuff blended into it.

If you’re curious and want to try this blended chocolate, you’re going to have to be patient because researchers say that it is "a ways off and subject to corporate patents."

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