Many Central New York school districts are using a hybrid format this year, with some lessons online and some in-person. The same goes for districts across the US, leading one to institute a dress code for virtual lessons. Do we need one in the Utica-Rome area?

Students and parents alike have been conducting business online for months - since the pandemic shut down businesses and schools. Sometimes, attire for those Zoom teleconferences gets a little casual - maybe a little too casual for some.

A school district in Illinois has instituted a dress code for kids on the days they participate in virtual lessons.

"Springfield Public Schools officials said they hope students approach online classes the same way they would attending classes in person and that means following a dress code that also bars hoods, sunglasses and bandannas, among other things. The district said students should also be "sitting up out of bed preferably at a desk or table" during remote learning, according to its school manual," reports WABC-NY.

Of course, it's one thing to enforce a dress code in a school building, it's another to enforce how a student dresses while they're studying from their kitchen table. It's not like the school can send the kid home for wearing pajamas.

Proponents argue a semblance of a dress code keeps kid in the right frame of mind for learning, much like adults who work from home are encouraged to get dressed and ready for the day as if they were headed into an office.

We've yet to see a dress code policy in Central New York - which most schools have - applied to virtual lessons. What do you think? Should schools apply a dress code for virtual lessons? Will it matter? Send us your thoughts using our station app.

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