Think back to winters when you were a kid. If you were anything like me, you did some variation of a "please let it snow" dance the night before a storm was anticipated, and then, you'd wake up early the next morning to turn on the radio and listen to hear if the DJ would call out your school name and tell you that it was closed for a snow day.

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Snow days were glorious and filled with shoveling, sledding, and lots of snowball fights. As kids, we lived for snow days but it would appear that the days you and I loved the most during the long winter months may be a thing of the past for our kids, at least this school year.

Just when you thought 2020 couldn't possibly throw any more wrenches our way comes news that New York State is giving school districts the choice to get rid of snow days.  The New York State Department of Education has told school districts that they will have the option of switching to remote learning on days that they would normally close because of winter weather.

According to CNY Central, New York State educators will be given the option to try out online learning when bad weather hits during the 2020-2021 school year and then will reevaluate after this school year to determine whether or not the program should continue.

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