When country singer Riley Green isn’t off hunting with his new pup or strumming the guitar, you can find Green hanging with a crowd much younger than him.

During the quarantine, Green is spending his downtime amongst his family, and he's specifically been getting lots of quality time with his niece Mattie and nephew Joe. Green has five nieces and nephews, and if you scroll through the singer’s Instagram, his time with them is well documented.

Joe has been hunting with his uncle since he was little, and Green captured his nephew’s latest catch on Instagram.

“My buddy got up early this morning and got after em. Got his first turkey,” Green captioned the photo.

While he’s BFFs with Joe, it’s taken his niece Mattie a little more time to become besties with her uncle. However, it looks like Green has officially accomplished that goal, and it may or may not have involved a little bribing.

Green posted an adorable photo of the two on Instagram, side-by-side in the country on a four-wheeler. He joked that he finally found the way to his girl’s heart.

“Perhaps my most important accomplishment of quarantine: I have somehow managed to trick my niece Mattie into being friends with me finally... all I had to do was buy a 4-wheeler,” Green writes.

Seems like the quarantine has been quite productive for the family man! Looks like girls headed after his heart might have some stiff competition from a little girl named Mattie.

When he's not hanging with his new friend, Green's keeping his songwriting skills refined, recently sharing a new song titled “Better Than Me”. The song perfectly summarizes the reflection time quarantine has allowed, the things we get to do while the rat race of life is on hold and the hope for what’s in store after all of this is over.

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