Governor Andrew Cuomo says we need to re-open New York’s economy while protecting public health.

He says it's not about one or the other, it's about both.

Cuomo once again said the decision to re-open will be based on facts and data.

In regards to testing, Cuomo says antibody testing of about 27,000 healthcare workers shows they have a lower rate of infection than the general public.

The governor also announced the state will be extending the moratorium on evictions for those facing COVID-19 related hardship an additional 60 days until August 20th.

"During these incredibly difficult and stressful times we must protect New Yorkers who are facing financial hardships due to COVID-19," Cuomo said. "The majority of people in the state live paycheck to paycheck, and all of a sudden the paychecks have stopped for these individuals but the rent bill keeps coming in.”

Meanwhile, there were 231 coronavirus deaths in New York on Wednesday.

Governor Cuomo is also announcing a $25 million initiative aimed at connecting upstate farmers with downstate food banks.

Rather than seeing fresh milk and produce go to waste, Cuomo says 2,100 upstate farmers are delivering food to 50 pantries in and around New York City, feeding close to 20,000 households.

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