We've seen plenty of celebrities use their status to help great causes, and who is up next? None other than Reba McEntire! She is the newest spokesperson for Outnumber Hunger.

Reba grew up in Oklahoma, working on a cattle ranch and was seriously taken back when she found out about the number of hungry people in the United States.

In an interview, she said, "I was shocked when they told me one out of six people are hungry in this nation, the land of plenty! It doesn't matter where you live, in the city or in the country, if you cannot get access to food, you and your family will be hungry, and that is so sad. Children can't learn and parents can't work when they're hungry."

Well, she certainly makes a great point! The Outnumber Hunger Campaign will be in its fourth year and the partnership between General Mills, Feeding America, and Big Machine Label Group is looking to make strides against hunger in the United States.

Rick Diamond - Getty Images

Be sure to look out for Reba's face, as you'll be seeing it on every box of Cheerios and other cereals all across the nation, along with a General Mills code. This code is the golden ticket for hunger! For every General Mills code entered at OutnumberHunger.com,General Mills will donate 50 cents to Feeding America, which will get more meals in local food banks! Sounds so easy!

Reba McEntire is excited to be a part of this great cause, saying, "This is so simple. Every kid sits at the breakfast table in the mornings and reads the back of cereal boxes. Get them to enter the code and they can see how many they can entire for the whole family. Make it a contest, make it fun, and make a difference in people's lives. I love being a part of this team!"

Who wouldn't love being a part of such a great cause, especially when it's so easy to help!