When the coronavirus pandemic hit and we were shut down, more people were staying home for one reason or another. It seemed like traffic accidents declined because of everyone was staying put. Now that things are opening up some, accidents seem to be increasing as well.

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There's a new report out, stating that a large number of automobile fatalities include people who refuse to wear a seat belt. 95% of us claim that we wear seat belts all the time while we are driving but according to the report, about half of the people killed are not wearing a seat belt.

So how does New York stack up against the rest of the country? According to CoPilot, over 7% of drivers don't wear seat belts and they make up over 30% of those killed in New York car accidents.

Men are twice as likely as women to not wear a seat belt and are about 2 and a half times more likely than a woman to die in a car crash. Among those killed in a car crash, men are about three times more likely than women to not have their seat belt on.

The good news is that motor vehicle fatalities have been going down for decades, partly because more people are wearing seat belts. However too many are still "freewheeling" it.

To see how we stack up against other states and cities, go here.

[via CoPilot]

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