It happens every four years and it's the first time since 1992 that it falls on Saturday. It's a Leap Year and tomorrow (2/29) is Leap Day.

I had a friend that said that he wishes that he knew that Leap Day was on a Saturday this year because he would have asked his fiancee to marry him on the 29th. When I asked him "Why", he said that way he would only forget his wedding anniversary every four years instead of one.

I wish I was making it up but I'm not. Some people have suggested that I get new friends but I enjoy not being the weird one in my circle.

We all know someone that was born on February 29th and they are known as "leaplings," "leapers," or "leapsters." I'm now sure what you call the couple that got married on Leap Day, I would say smart but no one really asks me.

I know we are having some fun with Leap Day but I'm going to end on a serious note because sometimes real life can't be ignored.

You may have heard that Miller Lite was going to give everyone a free case of beer on Leap Day. That's been canceled after the shooting at the Milwaukee Brewery campus earlier this week.

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