It's Week 1 of the NFL season and one prediction has already fallen by the wayside. It's that New England would go undefeated this year with thanks to Kansas City's comeback win.

So it wasn't such a happy night in New England but they are still the champs.

So if you're a pro football fan, you've probably been to a few games. Not all stadiums and it's fans are the same. When I go to a Philadelphia game, I'll wear a Washington shirt but I'll have it buried inside my coat.

I was at a Buffalo game when the Bills were ahead by 21 points at the 2 minute warning. I stood up to stretch and was asked (told) to sit down. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I went to a NY Giant game.

I thought I would be harassed so my expectations were low. It probably helped that the Giant's were way up too. So I have my thoughts which football cities that I like and don't like but according to Thrillist, these are the best football cities to visit:

New Orleans, LA

Nashville, TN

Seattle, WA

Denver, CO

And now, these are the worst football cities to visit are:

Green Bay, WI

Jacksonville, FL

Charlotte, NC

Buffalo, NY (I'm not surprised)

Tampa Bay, FL

Go here to see where your football city placed.


[via Thrillist]

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