Summer is around the corner and experts are warning of a pending propane shortage....the timing couldn't be worse for summer grilling. Of course, those who use propane to power water heaters for their houses and pools aren't too happy about the jump in price.

Just a few weeks ago people were freaking out about a gas shortage that for New York was really non-existent. The shutdown gas pipeline was repaired within a week and it only really affected states in the southeast. The US Energy Information Administration said that in November, propane was $2.70 a gallon and by March, it was $3.21.

Apparently, the shortage is partially due to the coronavirus pandemic and good old supply and demand. During the height of the pandemic people weren't driving to and from work so gas production was reduced and in some cases shut down for a while.

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In addition, according to, the increase in restaurant usage during the pandemic might also be to blame. Since indoor dining was shut down during the pandemic, restaurants were using propane to heat outdoor dining areas.

Also, you might not think of it, but it takes propane to make a lot of plastics. The main ingredient of a lot of types of plastic is propylene and which's made with propane. According to,, polypropylene, and propane is a critical component in many items of personal protective gear that we've all been using for the last year in much higher number than in the past.

So, as of right now it doesn't look like we're in danger of actually running out of propane, but the short supply and high demand are causing prices to skyrocket. For this Memorial Day weekend grilling, you might not even notice much difference, but by the 4th of July, the price might make some propane grillers think about switching to charcoal.

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