The Buffalo Sabres has a new addition, Rick, and he's a big boy that loves the cold ice, a treat, and scratches behind the ears.

Meet Rick the new team dog. He's not much of a hockey player, but he's really good at meeting fans and giving them a big slobbery kiss. Rick is an 8-month-old Newfoundland that was rescued by the Niagara County SPCA. Rick is named after Sabres Hall-of-Fame play-by-play announcer Rick Jeanneret who is retiring after this season.

Not only is Rock the team dog, but he's in training for an even more important role as a service dog that will help one of our veterans and the Buffalo Sabres Foundation is sponsoring Rick's service dog training.

I can tell you that there is no better dog breed, in my opinion than a Newfoundland. I was lucky enough to share my life with a big lovable Newf named Gracie for 12 years. Unfortunately, passed away earlier this year, but those 12 years with her were absolutely amazing.

They are gentle, loving, easily trainable, smart, and awesome with kids. A lot of Newfoundlands are service dogs because of their easy-going temperament. They just love to serve "their people".

"We had talked for a long time about getting a team dog, but we wanted to make sure the dog served a greater purpose that could have a meaningful impact on our community," Sabres Vice President of Community Relations Rich Jureller said. "In partnering with the Pawsitive for Heroes program, we've found the perfect match for the team, the dog and the veteran."  Buffalo Sabers

Rick will be part of the Sabres organization this year while training to be a veterans service dog with the partnership with WNY Heroes and their Pawsitive for Heroes program to make Rick a member of the Sabres family this season.

Buffalo Sabers
Buffalo Sabers

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