My husband has a pretty stressful job and so when he gets home from work, Jay likes to decompress by playing video games. When I asked what he wanted for Christmas this last year, he said he wanted a PlayStation 4 and I was really hesitant not only because of the price tag but also because I didn't want it to become something that cut into what little time we have together as a family.  I thought about it for a really long time before caving and I guess it's a good thing that I did. Cave, that it. My gift could have positive long-term benefits for our marriage.

Researchers at the University College London says that video games are actually the most popular way that guys face stress and cope with it.  29% of men say that video games are what they turn to when they're feeling really bogged down and need to blow off some stream.

Experts say that while they don't really know why video games offer such a strong stress solution for guys, they are absolutely sure that video games are much better than alternative coping methods, such as alcohol or drugs. Obviously!

[via Heat St.]

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