You may want to invest in reusable shopping bags before the ban on plastic bags takes effect on March 1st.

According to the Observer Dispatch, Price Chopper has announced that they will soon be charging $0.05 per paper bag at the checkout aisle. Wegmans has already announced that they are charging $0.05 per paper bag as well.

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The obvious intent is to discourage people from wasting paper and plastic. In New York state, the ban will prohibited grocery stores from packing items in in single-use bags. However, there are exceptions to the law, including uncooked meats, slice or prepared foods, and prescription drugs to name a few, these items will still be able to be placed in the plastic bags.

According to the report, last year more than 1/3 of the counties in the state said they would not impose the ban, but with stores in different counties throughout New York, it's just easier to follow the new law in all of the counties that have Price Chopper stores.

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