We all go out to shop, whether it's for groceries at a Tops or Wegmans, the mall or a department store. While most people seem to prefer parking as close to the front doors as possible, there are some who enjoy parking far away in parking lots, which is definitely me.

I remember my childhood consisting of my mom or dad doing everything in their power to get a close spot by the Wegmans front door. It always seemed like it took longer to scope out a perfect parking spot than the actual shopping.

I always park far away from the front doors, wherever I go. For starters, it's extra exercise (small victory) but secondly, it's just less of a hassle. Parking close is a much shorter walk but then people park all around you (I've seen fender benders a time or two) and sometimes it can take FOREVER to leave; more people walking around and other cars also trying to park close.

Some people have to park close for medical reasons, which is of course is a necessity.

Do you park far away in parking lots?...or am I just crazy for always doing this?!

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