Hear a noise near your house but don't know what it is? Did you know you can turn to your neighbors for help?

Those video doorbells are expensive, but that doesn't mean you can use the people who paid for them to protect your house. I recently downloaded this app called "Neighbors" through the Ring doorbell system. I don't personally have Ring, but it lets people who do use their footage to warn others.

When I downloaded it, I put the information of my neighborhood in there and now I get notifications if anything strange is going on in the proximity of my house. The way it works is that people who have video surveillance in any capacity, have the opportunity to share that video or stories to the app. Think of it like an old school neighborhood watch but with a touch of technology.

With this app, I've been warned of people trying to break into cars locally, stealing packages off of porches, indiscernible sounds, and more. Though the app, neighbors can either comment to clarify, ask questions, or (a lot of the time) thank the person who posted. The app tells you about how far the notification is from your house so as to not give away your or other user's exact address.

If you have security, this may be a good thing to have to help your neighbors with what's going on. If you don't, here's a way to know what's going on without having to spend the money right now. It's on the App Store and Google Play.

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